On 8th August, CREDIT held a meeting with Malaysia Automotive, Robotics & IoT Institute (MARii). MARii is an agency under the Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI) which serves as the focal point, coordination center and think tank for the nation’s automotive industry. MARii’s main objective is to enhance the competitiveness of the automotive industry and overall mobility including Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) and Related Services through the adoption of robotics & IoT. The meeting aims to discuss research opportunities and collaboration efforts particularly on IoT and Industrial Revolution 4.0.  The meeting was attended by two representatives from MARii, Mr. Fadhli and Wan Mohd Hafizi and five CREDIT members.  The agenda began with an overview of CREDIT and CREDIT initiatives projects by Ir. Dr. Alvin followed by a discussion around the table. In particular, the following points were discussed in the meeting:

  1. Collaboration efforts between CREDIT-MARii through projects in IoT.
  2. To conduct research and development in the area of IoT, Cyber Security, Robotics and many more.
  3. Developing a productivity model/platform for a medium-size company leverage its resources.
  4. IoT Project Development for industries, particularly for the automotive industry.

The roundtable meeting was a good platform for CREDIT-MARii to share ideas, knowledge, and expertise on any aspects particularly on IoT. The meeting was a significant milestone for many opportunities to be further explored between both parties. We look forward to a productive collaboration with MARii.