Author: tp048594

Hilti IoT workshop

    Hilti IoT workshop          (2nd December 2016) The students benefited a lot from the knowledge shared by Hilti, and this workshop helps them firm up on their ideas for the Hilti IoT competition.  

MDeC IoT TTT training 

    MDeC IoT TTT training          (10th – 14th October 2016) Dr. Tan Chye Cheah and Suresh Gobee attended the STM32 IoT Workshop organized by MDEC & IoT Labs.      

Visit to MIMOS Berhad 

      Visit to MIMOS Berhad          (29th June 2016) MIMOS invited CREDIT for a collaboration meeting and visit of (BITX) Lab. It was a very fruitful and productive discussion. As we identified there are lots of opportunities where APU and MIMOS can collaborate with each other.      

IBM Watson IoT

      IBM Watson IoT hands-on workshop          (1st Aug 2016) As a part of the collaboration with IBM, IBM Watson IoT hands-on workshop was organised to introduce the Watson IoT capabilities. At the workshop, Ms. Gayathri Srinivasan from IBM US provided an insight into IoT application development from a practical point of view.   […]