On 29th June 2019, CREDIT was very pleasured to invite Mr. Ricky Siah to present a workshop: Introduction to PCB tool with Altium CircuitMaker. This is an initiative of Embedded Systems Malaysia in order to deliver the knowledge to the participants. The objective of this workshop is to:

  1. To learn basic knowledge of PCB CAD design tools from Altium CircuitMaker
  2. To enhance PCB design skill and hardware design skill
  3. A steppingstone to experience and get familiar with professional PCB designer CAD tools
  4. To create a more robust PCB design board
  5. Understand and familiar with PCB design workflow.
  6. A basic and fundamental of PCB design rules, tips and guidelines.
  7. A step-by-step hands-on of live training on PCB design with CircuitMaker

This workshop has 2 sections whereas

Section 1 (Introduction):

  • Introduction of Embedded Systems Malaysia and team members
  • PCB technology and finishing
  • PCB terminology
  • PCB Design tips and guides
  • Circuit Maker features – pro & con

Section 2 (Hands-on Circuit Maker Design):

  • Create PCB and schematic project worksheet
  • Library creation with octopart
  • Useful schematic sheet shortcut
  • Create customize schematic library
  • Create customize PCB footprint library
  • Useful PCB Design shortcut
  • Fork a project from resource cloud
  • Schematic design
  • PCB design
  • PCB rules & constraints
  • Generate final output (BOM, Gerber & NC drill files)

The participants enjoyed this workshop and they indeed learned a lot in handling this software. Looking forward to more initiative by Embedded Systems Malaysia together with the collaboration with Asia Pacific University.