APU team won 2nd prize in The Great Lab Grand Design Challenge 2017

The Great Lab Grand Design Challenge was held at Institut Farmaseutikal & Nutraseutikal Malaysia, Pulau Pinang on 14th – 15th November 2017. There are 51 teams from 16 high schools and 12 universities competed for the top 3 innovative project awards under high school & university tracks in the 2017 TGL Grand Design Challenge. Our students successfully won the 2nd prize with their proposed project “System for Olden Netizens (S.O.N)”.

According to research, there are top three problems among the elderly that comes with age, heart diseases, dementia and depression. Therefore the team developed S.O.N, an AI bot personal assistant that can perform actions and responses based on user’s voice input. The objective of this project is to help the elderly patient to improve its illness’s condition by performing activities catered to dementia’s patients’ needs such as curating routines, chit-chating, reminding them of event and medicine intake, as well as keeping the elderly’s mind and body active by proposing trivias and training their brains each day.